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What is Libra Software Group (Libra)?

Libra has a deep expertise in acquiring durable software businesses and accelerating sustainable growth. With a demonstrated track record of success, our team brings together decades of operational and investing expertise in Supply Chain, Manufacturing and iSeries to create value focused on enhancing growth and sustainable profitability.

You can find a list of companies in our portfolio page.

Yes, we are constantly looking to make platform acquisitions in new verticals. Contact us and let’s chat.
Often our acquisitions continue to operate as standalone companies with autonomy over their daily operations, branding, and culture. The decision to keep your business independent or integrated will be agreed upon and discussed well in advance of your close date.
Our preference is to keep the existing management teams in place. If your ask is to retire and exit the business, we will work together to recruit your successor.
Business operations remain status quo. While our businesses have performance metrics to meet, you ultimately determine how you meet them. Our belief is that key business decisions should be made by local leaders with intimate knowledge of their market. As part of the Libra team, you continue running your business while benefitting from global company scale and best practices.
A strategic plan will be developed by your management team to address any shortfalls against benchmark performance metrics. In your arsenal will be access to CSI’s deep network of operators. These team leaders who will provide mentoring and share with you how they have resolved similar problems.
To kick-off the conversation, we will send you a streamlined information request list which simply includes historical and forecast financials, recurring revenue by customer, and an employee census.

The due diligence serves two important objectives: 1) to validate assumptions and discussions with Management, and 2) to prepare our operators for “Day 1” after the acquisition closes.

During the deal process, Libra and the seller will validate their assumptions both on 1) the target business and 2) the future relationship. During the process, we will aim to understand the financial, legal, and operational aspects of your company.

Day 1 after acquisition is incredibly important to ensure a seamless transition for customers and employees. The diligence process serves to prepare our operators and Management for this transition, providing an opportunity to put together an actionable plan. 

At Libra we value revenue streams that are stable, predictable, and likely to recur on a forward-looking basis. Ultimately, your businesses recurring revenue is the key driver in helping us determine the value of the business.

Generally, acquisitions can be completed between 4-6 weeks from executing the LOI. However, the timeframe may vary depending on the size and scope of your business.

There will be no impact to your customers. Unlike private equity or venture capital firms, we do not sell the companies we buy. Because we never sell we are aligned with your interests and take a long term, sustainable approach. We focus on investing and improving the value of your product and invest in employees which allows customer needs to be met over the long-term.