Our Approach

Why We Are Different

Buy and Hold Forever, Autonomous and Sustainable Growth

Buy and Own Forever

We never sell. We offer a permanent home and capital, with decision making that is evaluated in decades, not quarters. Our buy-and-hold approach ensures your business can focus on what it does best and attain sustainable success.

Our Businesses run Autonomously

We do not take over the day-to-day management of our businesses. Rather, we maintain acquisitions as autonomous business units, with local leadership and decision making. This provides an entrepreneurial culture and agility to make the best decisions for customers and employees. The businesses legacy and culture are left intact and enhanced where appropriate.

Best Practices​

Full access to Libra and Constellation Software’s best practices accumulated from 1000+ business across the globe. Chances are that whatever initiatives you have for your business, somewhere in Constellation, someone has tried and figured out the best approach. The institutional knowledge from these learnings, and access to the executives and execution teams who lived through them is available day one.

Investing In Our People

Our success is attributable to our people. The continual pursuit of excellence is lived daily, and accomplished by investing in the teams who make the magic happen. We foster a culture of meritocracy, learning, integrity and entrepreneurial optimism that provides a challenging environment with endless opportunity for professional and career growth.

Our Process

A streamlined process from decades of experience and hundreds of acquisitions


Meet With Us

Meet with our operators to discuss your vision


Sign an NDA

We are experienced and professional acquirers and understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality


Letter of Intent (LOI)

Formal agreement of initial terms


Due Diligence

Efficient and streamlined process focused on the big picture


Sales and Purchase Agreement and Close

Final contract execution and receipt of proceeds. Our deals are financed with cash on hand and a high degree of closing certainty

How We Are Different

Libra Software
Strategic Acquirer
Private Equity
Permanent hold investors
Speed with a high certainty of close
Continuity of brands, cultures, offices and teams
Decentralized and autonomous operating structure
Guidance and access to software veterans who are operators themselves

Life Post Acquisition

Investing and pursuing sustainable growth since our holding timeframe is forever

Access to best practices
M&A support for acquisitions
In house legal, HR and M&A expertise
Business Intelligence
Access to partner networks and new markets
Partnership network