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Who We Are

Our companies are dedicated to serving businesses in the manufacturing and/or distribution supply chain to improve efficiencies and maximize growth.

What We Do

As part of our larger group of software companies, we provide access to capital and best practices to help our portfolio companies grow and best serve their customers.

Why Join Us

We buy and hold companies, so founders and operators can preserve their legacy and ensure their customers will continue to be supported.

Warehouse Solutions Software


Argos logo square

Argos Software

Business management software ideal for 3PLs, Growers, Fleets, and SMB enterprises in B2B

ASC logo with barcode

ASC Software

Supply chain software for food and beverage, pharmaceutical operations, 3PLs, and manufacturing

cadre tech logo showing open carton

Cadre Technologies

WMS supply chain systems for 3PL/4PL, Distribution, and eCommerce

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Browser‐based cloud WMS on the reliable IBMi backbone. Standalone or integrate with ERP, TMS

sphere wms logo

Sphere WMS

A fully hosted, cloud-based WMS that’s easy to install with simple monthly pricing

Viewlocity logo


Real-time visibility and control for supply chain responsiveness and optimization

Discrete Manufacturing Software


CDR Software

Fully integrated, end-to-end software management systems for medium & large distributors

Factivity logo


MES software for actionable, real-time factory/shop floor visibility and machine monitoring

Friedman logo and globe

Friedman Corp.

ERP for manufacturers and distributors of highly configurable, make-to-order products



A feature-rich ERP for mid-market distribution and manufacturing companies <$500M in revenue

Transportation Management Solutions Software

ProShip logo
Varsity logo with box

CMS GlobalSoft

ProShip, Inc.

Varsity Logistics

A multi-carrier and fully scalable TMS built specifically for transportation planning and execution.

The fastest and most-trusted multi-carrier shipping solution that makes complex parcel shipping simple and cost-effective.

IBMi rate shopping and shipping software for all ERP/WMS on the Power platform. Easy, pre-built integrations to custom systems too.

About Us

Libra Software Group acquires, manages, and builds software for the manufacturing, growing, and distribution industries. Libra is part of FOG Software, a division of Vela Software, which is an operating group of Constellation Software Inc.


Latest News

Nov 7, 2022 – FOG Software Group acquires Covington, LA-based CDR Software, a leader in integrated software for distribution companies in the convenience products industry. View on FOG website.

Feb 28, 2022 – FOG Software Group adds CMS GlobalSoft shipping software to its Libra portfolio. View on FOG website.

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